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This leading annual conference combines presentations by listed mining and exploration companies with a large exhibition area housing exhibitors from the sector. A world class entertainment program ensures that delegates experience the very best of the style and hospitality of Kalgoorlie, the unofficial gold mining capital of Australia.

The delegation is made up of mining and exploration companies, brokers, bankers,investors, financiers and mining service industries. A 50 strong media contingent ensures that the proceedings of the Forum are widely reported.


Forum 2020: 12 to 14 October, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia



Select from the available 2020 attendance passes or register your future interest for presenting or exhibiting.

We have been, and continue to, consult with our key stakeholders on the issue of COVID19 along with analysis of all recommendations from WHO, the WA Health Department and the broader mining industry.  It is business as usual for Diggers in August 2020 but of course we are continuing to monitor the situation. 

Full Delegate

This pass allows access to the full event, the Sponsors' Marquee, the auditorium for presentations, Monday Cocktail Party, Tuesday Traditional Bash, and WesTrac Gala Dinner.

Limited Delegate

This pass allows access to the full event, the Sponsors' Marquee, the auditorium for presentations, Monday Cocktail Party, Tuesday Traditional Bash, but EXCLUDES the Wednesday Gala Dinner.

Monday Delegate

This pass allows access to Monday 12 October, the Sponsors' Marquee, day catering, the auditorium for presentations and the Cocktail Party.

Tuesday Delegate

This pass allows access to Tuesday 13 October, the Sponsors' Marquee, day catering, the auditorium for presentations and the Traditional Bash.

Wednesday Delegate

This pass allows access to Wednesday 14 October, the Sponsors' Marquee, day catering, the auditorium for presentations. EXCLUDES the Gala Dinner.

Presenter Interest 2020

Please note only listed mining companies will be considered for presentation slots. By completing this form you will receive the application for Forum 2020 which will be sent via email in January 2020. The offers for successful applications will be sent in March 2020 and from there on in until the presenter programme is filled. Please note the application process is now closed for 2020.

Exhibitor Interest

Be placed on the waitlist for the opportunity to exhibit. The waitlist is carried over each year. The package includes amongst other items a booth in the marquee and two delegate passes. Cost of the package is Aus$9,000.

Keynote Speaker

Diggers & Dealers endeavours to secure highly respected and relevant experts who are well-positioned to provide insightful commentary to delegates on the global economic outlook. The forum remains committed to maintaining the highest standards associated with the event.

Professor Ian Goldin

Keynote Speaker 2020

Diggers & Dealers is pleased to announce Professor Ian Goldin as the keynote speaker for the 2020 Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum.

Each year Diggers and Dealers endeavors to secure a keynote speaker who provides the forum attendees with a view of the current global economic situation and trends affecting the mining industry. We are sure that Professor Goldin will be of particular interest given his early career in Africa, international experience and economic credentials.

Ian Goldin is the Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development, the Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Technological and Economic Change and the founding Director of the Oxford Martin School. He was previously was the Vice President of the World Bank and the Group’s Director of Policy, after serving as Chief Executive of the Development Bank of Southern Africa and Advisor to President Nelson Mandela.

Professor Goldin has served as Principal Economist at the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development). He has an MSc from the London School of Economics, and an MA and Doctorate from the University of Oxford.

Ian has been knighted by the French Government and has published 21 books, including Age of Discovery: Navigating the Storms of Our Second Renaissance; The Butterfly Defect: How Globalisation Creates Systemic Risks, and What to Do About it; Exceptional People: How Migration Shaped our World and Will Define our Future; and, Is the Planet Full? He also wrote and presented the Five Part Series After the Crash and the BBC Documentary Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Development?

Professor Goldin has been a non-executive Director on numerous boards, including CDC, Implenia; Metropolitan, Old Mutual and Skandia, chairing and serving on all Board Committees. He is an Honorary Trustee of Comic Relief and the Chair of the CORE-econ initiative to modernise the teaching of economics.

He lectures at Oxford, Harvard and Tsinghua Universities and provides advisory and consultancy services to governments and over 30 leading global companies, including leading strategy discussions for Boards. His recent speaking engagements include the opening keynote at Google Zeitgeist, the Microsoft CEO Forum and TED. For the past 21 years he has provided keynotes at the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos.

Previous Speakers

  • Nouriel Roubini
  • Niall Ferguson
  • Austan Goolsbee
  • Rodrigo De Rato
  • Mervyn King Lord King of Lothbury
  • Gene Sperling
  • John Lipsky
  • Robert Zoellick
  • José Manuel Barroso
  • Hon. John Howard OM, AC

WesTrac Gala Dinner

The event to toast the industry and present the G. J. Stokes Memorial, Digger, Dealer, Media and Best Emerging Company Awards to the outstanding players in the industry. An evening of fine fare and world class entertainment proudly sponsored by WesTrac. Doors open at 6:30pm sharp. Dress is jacket and tie.

Forum Awards

Forum Awards 1992 - 1996

In 1992, when attendance was around 250 delegates, Geoffrey Stokes began the Diggers & Dealers in its current format. The awards at the time recognised the outstanding players in the industry as they do now. Several of the winners of these awards remain active in the resources industry today. The awards were presented at the various gala dinner venues; the Kalgoorlie Town Hall and Cruickshank Oval.



G.J. Stokes Memorial Award

  1. 1997 Sir Arvi Parbo AC
  2. 1998 Dr Ian Burston AO
  3. 1999 Sir Charles Court AK KCMG OBE
  4. 2000 Dr Roy Woodall AO
  5. 2001 -
  6. 2002 David J. Reed AO
  7. 2003 Trevor Sykes
  8. 2004 Sir Laurence Brodie-Hall AO CMG
  9. 2005 Peter Newton
  10. 2006 Graeme Smith, George Botica, Barry Patterson and Ron Harken
  11. 2007 Pierre Lassonde
  12. 2008 Owen Hegarty
  13. 2009 Nick Giorgetta
  14. 2010 David Moore
  15. 2011 George Jones
  16. 2012 Geoff Loudon
  17. 2013 Andrew Forrest
  18. 2014 Jim Walker
  19. 2015 Mark Cutifani
  20. 2016 Christopher Bonwick
  21. 2017 Jim Askew
  22. 2018 Ron Sayers
  23. 2019 Mark Creasy

Digger Award

  1. 1997 Joseph Gutnick
  2. 1998 Acacia Resources Ltd
  3. 1999 Placer Dome Inc. / Delta Gold NL
  4. 2000 Jubilee Mines NL
  5. 2001 Goldfields Limited
  6. 2002 Portman Limited
  7. 2003 Woodside Petroleum Ltd
  8. 2004 Consolidated Minerals Limited
  9. 2005 Jubilee Mines NL
  10. 2006 Oxiana Limited
  11. 2007 Zinifex Limited
  12. 2008 Western Areas NL
  13. 2009 Atlas Iron Limited
  14. 2010 Newmont Asia Pacific
  15. 2011 Independence Group NL
  16. 2012 Sandfire Resources NL
  17. 2013 Sirius Resources NL
  18. 2014 Tropicana Joint Venture - AngloGold Ashanti Australia Ltd and Independence Group NL
  19. 2015 OceanaGold Corporation
  20. 2016 Fortescue Metals Group Ltd
  21. 2017 St Barbara Limited
  22. 2018 Kirkland Lake Gold
  23. 2019 Roy Hill Holdings Pty Ltd

Dealer Award

  1. 1997 Robbin Widdup of Lion Selection Group
  2. 1998 Andrew Forrest of Anaconda Nickel Limited
  3. 1999 Nigel Forrester of Mt Burgess Gold Mining Company NL
  4. 2000 AngloGold Limited
  5. 2001 Mincor Resources NL
  6. 2002 Robert J Champion de Crespigny AC
  7. 2003 Placer Dome Inc.
  8. 2004 Peter Johnston of Minara Resources Limited
  9. 2005 BHP Billiton Plc
  10. 2006 Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd
  11. 2007 Fortescue Metals Group Ltd
  12. 2008 Kerry Harmanis
  13. 2009 Ken Talbot
  14. 2010 Gindalbie Metals Limited
  15. 2011 Ivanhoe Mines Ltd
  16. 2012 Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd
  17. 2013 Iron Ore Holdings Ltd
  18. 2014 Northern Star Resources Limited
  19. 2015 Tony Poli
  20. 2016 Evolution Mining
  21. 2017 Gold Road Resources Limited
  22. 2018 Kidman Resources Limited
  23. 2019 Northern Star Resources Limited

Media Award

  1. 2003 Barry Fitzgerald of The Age
  2. 2004 John Phaceas of The West Australian
  3. 2005 Tim Treadgold
  4. 2006 Ian Howarth of The Australian Financial Review
  5. 2007 Jim Regan of Reuters
  6. 2008 Michael Vaughan of The Australian Financial Review
  7. 2009 Ross Louthean of Western Media
  8. 2010 Rebecca Le May of AAP
  9. 2011 Peter Klinger of The West Australian
  10. 2012 Matt Chambers of The Australian
  11. 2013 Luke Forrestal of The Australian Financial Review
  12. 2014 Nick Evans of The West Australian
  13. 2015 Kristie Batten of MiningNews
  14. 2016 Paul Garvey, The Australian
  15. 2017 Tess Ingram, The Australian Financial Review
  16. 2018 Stuart McKinnon, The West Australian
  17. 2019 Barry FitzGerald

Best Emerging Company

  1. 2008 Territory Resources Ltd.
  2. 2009 Minemakers Limited
  3. 2010 Royal Resources Limited
  4. 2011 Gold Road Resources Ltd
  5. 2012 ABM Resources NL
  6. 2013 Sheffield Resources Limited
  7. 2014 Aurelia Metals Ltd
  8. 2015 Hot Chili Limited
  9. 2016 Pantoro Limited
  10. 2017 Kin Mining NL
  11. 2018 Metro Mining Limited
  12. 2019 Bellevue Gold Limited

Awards 1992 – 1996

Producer above 100,000 ounces, less than 150,000 ounces

  1. 1992 Coolgardie Gold NL
  2. 1993 Samantha Gold NL
  3. 1994 Herald Resources NL
  4. 1995 Yilgarn Star
  5. 1996 Plutonic Resources & North Limited - Peak Hill Operation

Industry Contribution

  1. 1992 Ron Manners
  2. 1993 Ian Burston
  3. 1994 Graeme Smith
  4. 1995 AMEC
  5. 1996 Peter Lalor

Outstanding Producer above 150,000 ounces

  1. 1992 Samantha Gold NL
  2. 1993 KCGM
  3. 1994 Plutonic Resources Ltd
  4. 1995 Plutonic Resources Ltd
  5. 1996 North Flinders Mines


  1. 1992 Eltin Limited
  2. 1993 Glindemann & Kitching
  3. 1994 Ausdrill Limited
  4. 1995 Ausdrill Limited
  5. 1996 Ausdrill Limited

Junior Explorer

  1. 1993 Mt Burgess Gold Mine
  2. 1994 Melita Mining NL
  3. 1995 Archaean Gold NL
  4. 1996 Glengarry Resources NL / Tanami Gold NL


  1. 1993 Great Central Mines NL
  2. 1994 Samantha Gold NL
  3. 1995 Great Central Mines
  4. 1996 Battle Mountain Gold - PosGold

Technical Services

  1. 1992 Analabs & Goldfields Instrument
  2. 1993 Australian Assay Laboratories
  3. 1994 Australian Assay Laboratories
  4. 1995 DOME for the Tengraph System
  5. 1996 World Geoscience

Community Contribution

  1. 1993 Kalgoorlie College Council
  2. 1994 Coolgardie Gold NL
  3. 1995 Peter Hawkins
  4. 1996 Les Calcraft, Greening the Goldfields

Outstanding Achievement

  1. 1992 Delta Gold NL & North Broken Hill Peko Ltd
  2. 1993 Eltin Limited
  3. 1994 Western Mining Corporation Limited
  4. 1995 Eagle Mining

Service Deal of the Year

  1. 1992 Jones Partners deal on the Boulder Block Hotel with Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines Pty Ltd

Company Promotion

  1. 1992 Cove Mining NL
  2. 1993 Croesus Mining NL
  3. 1994 Croesus Mining NL
  4. 1995 Lynas Gold NL
  5. 1996 Hargraves Resources NL

Diversified Producer

  1. 1992 The Amalg Syndicate
  2. 1993 Western Mining Corporation
  3. 1994 Gwalia Consolidated Limited


  1. 1993 Phil Crabb
  2. 1994 Kalfuel
  3. 1995 Mt Edon Gold Mines

Company of the Year

  1. 1995 Plutonic Resources Ltd

Corporate Development

  1. 1996 Normandy Mining Limited


Site Visits

Should you be interested in visiting a particular project whilst in the region, please contact the relevant company directly.

Bus Transport

Buses will be at the airport to collect delegates arriving on Sunday 4 August and Monday 5 August. These buses will run for the duration of the Forum between the Forum venue, socials and all accommodation venues.

Dress Standard

Smart Casual.

Forum Venue

Goldfields Arts Centre, Cheetham Street, Kalgoorlie.


IT Room

An IT Room is located in the Goldfields Arts Centre, equipped with computer terminals and broadband access points for your laptop. Wireless access is available from the marquee. IT staff are on hand to provide technical advice and assistance.


For a hotel listing please visit Listing. Whilst the listing is from the Visitor Centre website, the centre does not handle accommodation placement. You will need to contact the hotels direct, not the Visitor Centre.

An alternate to hotel and motel style accommodation  is exclusive use of private homes with Kalgoorlie Homes for short term lease ie minimum of four nights for the forum period.

Sam Fostinelli   kalgoorliehomes@outlook.com    0417 415 517


Registered delegates may collect their name badges and delegate information packs from the Registration Desk located in the sponsors marquee at the Goldfields Arts Centre please follow the signs. Registration will relocate from the centre of the marquee to the main entrance from Morning Tea on Monday and will be open for the duration of the event for name changes, late arrivals and enquiries.

Registration times are:
Sunday 11 October, 1:00pm to 5:30pm
Monday 12 October, 7:30am onwards


Both Virgin and Qantas service the region. Extra flights and capacity direct to Kalgoorlie  are added to their schedules to cater for the additional demand. Check with these airlines or your travel agent for details of the flights for the week of the conference.



All Seasons Plaza Kalgoorlie

  • Address: 45 Egan Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 9080 5900

Amy's Restaurant

  • Address: 1 MacDonald Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 9021 1749

Bei Jing Chinese Restaurant

  • Address: 268 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 9022 9766

Best Western Hospitality Inn Kalgoorlie

  • Address: 560 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 9021 2888

Paddy’s Eat and Drink

  • Address: 135 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 9021 2833

The Balcony

  • Address: The Palace Hotel, 1367 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 9021 2788

The Carriage Room Restaurant

  • Address: Aslett Drive, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 08 9026 2626

The Waterhole - Kalgoorlie Golf Course

  • Address: 51 Forrest Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 08 9088 0000

Charlottes Bar & Grill - Tower Hotel

  • Address: Cnr Bourke & Maritana Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 08 9021 3211

Judds - Kalgoorlie Hotel

  • Address: 319 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 08 9021 3046

Main Reef Tavern

  • Address: 32 Dwyer Street, Boulder (Map)
  • Phone: 08 9093 1132

Montys Restaurant

  • Address: 80 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 08 9022 8288

Restaurant 259 - York Hotel

  • Address: 259 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 08 9021 2337

Top End Thai

  • Address: 71-73 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie (Map)
  • Phone: 08 9021 4286

Programme 2020 - Released May 2020


Monday 12 October

Forum Opening

Jim Walker, Forum Chairman

Morning Tea

Sponsors' Marquee

Tuesday 13 October

Wednesday 14 October

Forum Sponsors

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